Online Dating Safety Tips


Safety in getting to know strangers is always an issue with any dating service.

The importance of safeguarding access to personal information is especially needed when meeting people on the internet.

That’s because, in the online world, anyone can appear to be anyone they want to be.

Here at Online Christian Dating, we strive to screen our users through common sense methods. And we keep our eyes wide open. Whenever something seems fishy, or just doesn’t feel quite right, we ask questions. And, we wait for answers.

This is always a good policy to follow, whether your run a dating service, or are yourself a member of one.

Please remember to trust your instincts, be selective in the information you share, and don’t be afraid to verify the facts of your date’s identity.


It is so important to use common sense when meeting your date. Never invite your date to your home until you know them very well. Likewise, never go to the home of anyone on the first few dates. It’s best to know your date for a month or more before visiting their home.

That first meeting.

Always arrange to meet your date at a designated public place, around people; at least for the first few dates.

Remember, you have no idea what this person’s personal history is and you know nothing about their criminal background, if they have one.

Single, divorced, or separated?….”well, sort of…”

It is possible that, no matter what they tell you, your date may be married.

This is a grave concern of ours, and we caution you to look for red flags regarding this.

Here are some to look for.

#1.  Always be suspicious if your date is reluctant to give you a home phone. This is wise at first. However, once your date gets to know you better, there may be a reason they won’t give you’re their home phone number. That reason could be a person. As in, a spouse. Remember, a cell phone number is not the same as a land-line number. You can google in any number and if it is a cell phone number, that should show in the search results. Having you contact them at work only is a big red flag as well.

#2. If your date is never available in the evenings or on the weekends, look out. Unless they work odd hours, chances are, there is a family in the picture.

#3. Your date is reluctant to talk about their children or other family minded things. Or they mention children, vaguely, but won’t go into details. Always ask, candidly, if your date has children and if so, when you can meet them.

#4. NOW. PLEEAAZZEe. Oh please. Never ever ever date someone who is “going through” a divorce. Never ever ever.

Do we even need to say why? It really doesn’t matter that their almost ex was a monster. Or a dragon lady. Too many times to count, separated people reunite with their partner. The bottom line is, unless the divorce is final, don’t date them.

Finally, if your date tells you they are divorced, ask them how long they have been divorced. It has been our experience that many separated people refer to themselves as divorced, because that is truly how they see their marriage. Even if they are really married.

BE careful!